Nikon MX Rumors: 40.7MP Medium-Format DSLR In Early 2009

It's probably safest to switch your sceptic-levels (and microscope) to high, but this minuscule picture could be Nikon's upcoming MX DSLR.  Believed to be the company's next medium-format camera, its been suggested that the MX will offer 40.7-megapixel shots at 6380 x 6380 resolution.  Nikon have promised a big announcement at the Wedding & Portrait Photographer International (WPPI) expo, held in February 2009, and some are speculating that the MX will be the star attraction.

The size of the prism in the camera pictured above, as well as the protruding top, are both larger than anything currently seen in Nikon's range.  That could be because it's a bizarre prototype, has been drawn by a bad artist or because it's swollen with all those lovely rumored megapixels.

Further confusing matters, according to an anonymous tipster, recent Nikon lenses have been purposefully over-provisioned with "larger image circle than needed for 24x36".  The assumption is that these lenses will serve double duty with existing cameras as well as the higher-spec MX DSLR coming at the beginning of 2009.