Nikon looking into odd flare issue plaguing D750 owners

We do not often see any large issues with cameras that prompt statements from their makers, but every so often one will crop up, such as the skin irritation issues Canon addressed about a year ago. Fast forward, and now Nikon has issued its own statement to device owners, with the company saying it is going to look into problems D750 users have experienced when taking images, which are essentially tarnished with a dark "band" that is streaked across the tops of photos.

Says Nikon, some D750 owners have reported that the dark band — an odd flare issue, it is being described as — appears at the top of images taken with bright lights sources in certain front-and-center positions. It resembles, more or less, part of that light source being selectively dimmed.

There's no explanation for why this is happening, though speculation rumbles across the Internet from users plagued by this issue. There's no official word on what might be causing it, but the maker promises to look into the issue and how to solve it.

Nikon says that it will make a new announcement with more details after it determines what is wrong. Owners with concerns or questions are encouraged to contact Nikon's Customer Support Center for additional help. Until then, users should double-check their images to make sure they came out correctly before moving on to the next subject.

VIA: PetaPixel