Canon PowerShot SX50 HS select models recalled over allergic reaction possibility

Canon has issued a minor recall for certain versions of its PowerShot SX50 HS digital camera over improper construction of its rubber viewfinder eye piece. In some models, an oopsie that took place during construction of the rubber covers could result in an allergic reaction to one's skin in the form of irritation and a rash. Those affected can have their camera tested and serviced for free.

According to Canon, some of the SX50 HS models that were made between September 1 and November 15 of this year were hit with an improper vulcanization accelerant, specifically on the rubber portions of the device. Because of this improper procedure, some zinc bis — which is not normally used on the camera's construction — was deposited on the rubber eye piece, which may turn a shade of white after a little while.

The rubber portions with the zinc bis coating were part of a test batch that wasn't supposed to be used, but as luck would have it, they ended up in a shipment with the rubber eye pieces that were destined for use, ending up on the final products. Says the camera maker, which established an inquiry with the rubber manufacturer and performed and internal analysis, the zinc bis results from a chemical reaction that takes place with some various substances and the rubber.

Though only a small number of cameras are said to have been hit by this, those who own one of these cameras should check their serial number to see if it falls within the batch that was affected. Serial numbers that start with "69", "70", and "71", as well as having a sixth digit that is the number "1", could possibly suffer from this mistake. If your viewfinder has turned white, Canon says to consult with a doctor if an allergic reaction occurs, and to contact the company's customer support to get the device inspected and repaired.