Nikon has video samples of its KeyMission 360 camera

JC Torres - Jan 11, 2016
Nikon has video samples of its KeyMission 360 camera

With virtual reality headsets on the rise, so too are the cameras that capture content for the device. We’ve seen a wide variety of them already, especially at CES 2016 last week, ranging from the insanely expensive to the insanely composed of 12 expensive smartphones. Traditional camera makers, who have just embraced digital cameras a few years back, are now trying to also embrace this new digital frontier. Nikon‘s KeyMission 360 is one of those, although it looks more like a regular action cam than a VR one.

The KeyMission 360’s design brings to mind action cameras more than a regular VR setup which usually involves spheres, disks, or doughnuts. But that’s because this Nikon camera is, indeed, an action camera that’s meant to be taken outdoors for capturing first-person footage of stunts, dives, and whatnot.

Of course, the “360” there does mean it is also designed for capturing images and videos in all directions. Despite its boxy shape, it sees everything in a sphere, much like a conventional VR camera.

As an action cam, the KeyMission 360 is meant to be rugged and waterproof, so that can record everywhere. Whether on land:

On air (or on top of a mountain, to be exact):

Or on water:

The combination of rugged properties and 360-degree coverage makes the Nikon a perfect companion for sports action enthusiasts, athletes, and daredevils. Sadly, Nikon isn’t saying much yet about availability details, so we’ll have to settle for those sample videos.

The videos above are best watched with a VR headset. Those without one can settle for YouTube’s 360-degree controls.

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