Nikon D90 DSLR leaked images suggest video recording

Chris Davies - Aug 15, 2008

Details on Nikon’s upcoming D90 DSLR are slowly leaking out, with the latest tidbit in the shape of this photo of the camera’s LCD in video recording mode.  Discussion now centers on what resolution video the D90 can capture, with the presumption being 1080 high-definition of some form.

Video recording appears to be a contentious issue among prospective owners, some of whom like the idea of all the functionality they can get and others who dismiss it as a distraction (to Nikon) from making the very best DSLR they can.  Nonetheless, the two photos we have confirm that it has been included; in the image on the right you can see the three small holes of the microphone.  Bear in mind that the camera pictured could be a pre-production model and the D90 that eventually hits stores will probably have a more flush finish.

Nikon themselves are yet to confirm any details of the D90.  Release date and pricing information is also unknown.

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