Nikon D3 camera costume really works

If there's one thing I like about Halloween, it's the ability of ordinary every-day inventors to create designs that not only work, they fit on their person. That's what's happened here with a dude named Tyler Card and his fully functional custom-made camera costume. Photos go in the front, photos get displayed on the back. Is this the ultimate all-time best-ever camera enthusiast costume? Or is it just super neato?

What we've got here is an LCD display from a Dell laptop computer connected to an actual Nikon D3 camera which is mounted on the inside of the barrel that makes up the camera costume's front. Not only has Tyler created a video to show you how it works, he's made a making-of video that also includes quite a few photos he's already taken at a pre-Halloween Halloween party with the costume itself. First have a look at the costume in action here:

Also note that at the top of the camera costume, above Tyler's head, are some Alienbees strobe lights which act as a flash, also controlled by a Paul C. Buff Cyber Commander controller. This costume open up your mind to the possibilities of the bust apart and rebuild culture before your eyes? While we've not yet heard any word from Nikon if they've got any plans to officially license this costume for the future, we've got our fingers crossed. Meanwhile we'll just have to make our own!

[via Tyler Card's Tumblr]