Nike Space Hippie shoes are made from fabric and foam scraps

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Nike has introduced a new product called Space Hippie that it describes as 'exploratory footwear.' This product is made using scrap material that builds up at factories, putting those waste products to better use. The product's name refers to the stereotypical 'hippie' association with caring about the environment and the use of material scraps that are sort of like 'space junk.'

The Space Hippie shoes have the lowest carbon footprint score of any footwear product created by Nike, according to the company. The project took place under a wider concern about climate change and the need to reduce waste. The product includes a recycled Zoomx foam cushion, 'Space Waste Yarn,' and Crater foam made from a mixture of grind rubber and blended foams.

Nike Chief Design Officer John Hoke explained:

Space Hippie product presents itself as an artifact from the future. It's avant-garde; it's rebelliously optimistic. Space Hippie is also an idea. It is about figuring out how to make the most with the least material, the least energy and the least carbon.

Nike calls the shoes 'beautiful,' though whether its customers agree is yet to be seen. The philosophy behind the product, however, is a welcome one, putting waste materials to good use. This isn't the first time we've seen shoes made with eco-friendliness in mind; there were, for example, the shoes made from corn and cotton by Reebok.

As for Nike's Space Hippie product, you may struggle to get ahold of a pair for yourself. The shoes will be offered in 01, 02, 03, and 04 variants to SNEAKERS and SNKRS Nike members, as well as through some retailers and the Nike House of Innovation flagship locations.