Nike+ FuelBand ICE makes fitness transparent

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Nike's FuelBand is already gracing the wrists of athletes and wannabe-athletes, but if you insist on standing out when you're working out then you need the new, limited edition. The Nike+ FuelBand ICE is, as the frostily cool name suggests, a translucent version of the original FuelBand.

Inside there's the same three-axis accelerometer and array of white and colored LEDs to help track your movements and keep record of your fitness. The difference is, rather than the sober black rubber of the regular FuelBand, you get so see some of the electronics as they track whether you're a couch potato or a hot potato.

That tracking is measured not only in steps or calories, but Nike+ Fuel points. The company claims it has done fancy research into what sort of movements correspond to what sort of activity, and that allows the FuelBand to recognize exactly what you're doing – as long as you're moving your arm – and score you accordingly.

Hit your target, and you get a light-show on the band itself, and more congratulations on Nike's socially-enabled tracking site to which the FuelBand synchronizes. There, you can monitor your progress, set goals, and share your successes with people on Facebook.

The Nike+ FuelBand ICE will go on sale at NikeTown locations in New York, San Francisco and London on July 27. It will also be available at London's Boxpark, the House of Innovation at Selfridges, and New York's 21 Mercer Street. Meanwhile regular availability will follow on come August 12 from Nike's online store. Stocks will be limited, though Nike isn't saying exactly how many ICE units will be made.

Nike+ FuelBand overview: