Nike+ Fuel Opened To Google Fit

Nike has opened up its Fuel fitness metric to Google's new Google Fit platform, the search giant's take on Apple's HealthKit. The move, which follows Nike opening Nike+ to HealthKit as well as the sports company hedges its bets in the health wearable space, will allow Android users to integrate their Fuel scores into an overall fitness plan.

Google Fit works as a shared fitness platform, with APIs for developers and device manufacturers to link together results from different activities into a single record.

So, feedback from a Withings WiFi-enabled scale could be combined with data from Nike+ Fuelband, showing how weight changes over time depending on how many steps are taken each week. Adidas has also been named as another partner feeding data from sensors into Google Fit.

Nike+ has been under attack from a rising number of wearable platforms over recent months, with rumors that the company has even been considering stepping out of the market.

Instead, it looks like Nike is trying to expand where its once-locked-down data can be shared and used.