Nike debuts iPhone 7 cases that make your phone resemble sneakers

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When it comes to the iPhone 7, owners have a near limitless selection of cases for their device. But for die-hard sneakerheads, there might now be a single option. Nike has announced a pair of hard-shell cases for the iPhone 7 that feature the sole designs of the Roshe and Air Force 1, two of the company's most iconic sneakers. They only come in iPhone 7 sizes, unfortunately, but their plastic material promises to offer decent drop and scratch protection.

Nike has offered iPhone cases for some time now, but these are much more interesting and unique than simply having the brand's swoosh logo. Both the Roshe and Air Force 1 cases feature the exact tread designs from each shoe's outsole, making them recognizable to sneaker fans and providing a nice grip texture.

The Roshe case comes in either bright red or mint green colors, while the Air Force 1 case is only available in blue. Each case is priced at $35 in the US, and there's no word from Nike yet on if they'll come in different colors or phone sizes down the line.

For sneaker fans, or those who view Nike's iconic designs as works of art, there's probably no other choice when it comes to outfitting your iPhone 7.

SOURCE Nike (Roshe, Air Force 1)