Nike confirms its not working on a FuelBand Android app

Back in October, Nike rolled out some new colors for its Nike+ FuelBand, as well as rolling it out in retail stores and on its online store. Before that, however, back in early 2012, Nike had stated that it was working on an Android app, which was supposed to be released last summer. That time has come and gone, however, and now the company has confimed that it is not working on such an app, instead dedicating its efforts to iOS.

Earlier today, Nike sent out an update via its @NikeSupport on Twitter to a user stating: "Right now, we're focused on iOS and web. We're not working on an Android App." And just like that, many patient Android users groaned in collective disappointment. The Android app would have allowed users to pair the device with their smartphone or tablet, but for now at least, that remains only possible for iOS users.

This is particularly disappointing to those who invested in the FuelBand under the promise that an Android app was in the works, only to find out that they're indefinitely limited in how they can use it. The folks over at Droid Life received a statement from Nike on the matter, which said that the company has made this decision in order to provide the best experience "for all Nike+ FuelBand users." All except Android users, it would seem.

The move seems particularly strange considering that Nike has released other fitness-related apps for Android, including Nike+ Running, which was released last summer when the FuelBand app was originally slated. The way the statement from Nike was phrased didn't rule out the possibility of seeing an Android FuelBand app in the future, but for now at least, those without an iOS device will have to keep using their computer instead.

[via Droid Life]