Nickelodeon to introduce its own video subscription service

As consumers continue to drop traditional cable in favor of various video streaming services, some companies and networks are (finally) accepting reality and getting on board with their own offerings. HBO announced its own video subscription service plans in the recent past, and consumers recently scored another option with the introduction of Sling TV. Viacom, which has notoriously been picky about where and when its shows are available online, is about to do its own dabbling in the world of video subscription services, and it'll be doing so through Nickelodeon.

The news came earlier today from Viacom's CEO Philippe Dauman in a call with investors. Dauman revealed that a standalone subscription service giving consumers access to Nickelodeon shows will be unveiled next month, at which point the company will be laying out the rest of the details.

Not surprisingly, Nickelodeon is targeting mobile users with the standalone service — those who prefer to watch their shows using smartphones and tablets rather than on their TV. In addition, this standalone service might not bear the Nickelodeon label, but will still target children and their parents.

This'll be a big plus for parents. Children's shows are often lacking on common online streaming services, and though Netflix and Hulu, among others, have been working to increase kids content, a standalone video subscription service dedicated to children's shows will fill an important void.

SOURCE: Variety