Nice CableKeeps store your Apple cables with fishy style

Shane McGlaun - Dec 10, 2013
Nice CableKeeps store your Apple cables with fishy style

A company called Nice has unveiled a new Apple accessory that is designed to help keep your charge cable from getting tangled on the go. The accessories are called CableKeeps and they come in several undersea creature themes. The CableKeeps are designed to attach around the charger for your iPhone or iPad and have fins that you wrap your cables around.

There are five different CableKeep designs and each of them comes in five different colors. The CableKeeps are designed specifically to work with different Apple charge adapters. Goldie, which looks like a goldfish, is designed to work with the smaller diameter iPhone charger.

Nibbles is a larger mouth shark design that is designed to fit the larger iPad charger in its mouth. The Gulp design is a whale and it also fits the larger iPad charger. Spike looks like a blowfish and it is designed specifically for the Euro charger. The last of the CableKeeps is called Ink and it looks like a squid. It is designed for the UK plug.

Any individual CableKeeps can be purchased for $16 each. You can purchase a multi-pack of Goldie, Nibbles, or Gulp offering five of the devices for $60. Available colors include red, orange, green, light blue, and navy blue.

SOURCE: Nice by Design

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