NHTSA reaffirms Tesla Model S safety rating for good measure

Suggesting that despite the sizable presence of the Tesla Model S in the news as of late for auto accidents, the NHTSA has gone out of their way to reaffirm their "highest safety rating in America" for the vehicle. Letting it be known that the Tesla Model S still has a 5-start safety rating, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration effectively told the world to cool their heels this holiday season. They say the Tesla S is just as safe as the first time they tested it.

The NHTSA "reaffirmed" the 5-star safety rating to the Tesla Model S overall, this including all subcategories as well for the Model Year 2014. The NHTSA is still in the midst of delivering feedback regarding their investigation of recent fire incidents specifically.

Tesla recently saw their vehicles under investigation of recent fire-related incidents by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority as well. Results from the KBA suggested too that the vehicle was good to go, "finding no manufacturer-related defects or need for further action."

"It is worth noting that a Tesla vehicle is over five times less likely to experience a fire than the average gasoline car and that there have been zero serious injuries or deaths for any reason ever, fire or otherwise, in a Model S.

Over the course of more than 100 million miles driven in almost every possible terrain, weather and crash conditions, the Tesla Model S has consistently protected its driver and passengers, achieving the best safety track record of any car on the road." – Tesla

Tesla also recently released a collection of factoids and statistics surrounding the number of fires that've happened in and around automobiles to quell the media fire surrounding their own incidents. They've made a point – several times – to show how the number of incidents with Tesla model cars is no more massive than any other similar car company, but that they've gotten a whole lot more attention for every incident therein.

"Since the Model S went into production last year, there have been more than a quarter million gasoline car fires in the United States alone, resulting in over 400 deaths and approximately 1,200 serious injuries (extrapolating 2012 NFPA data)." – Tesla

Below you'll find a small timeline capturing a number of recent Tesla incidents that brought light, so to speak, to the talk we're hearing from safety groups this week. Be sure to drive through the Tesla tag portal while you're at it.