Nexus Prime slinks through FCC with AT&T/T-Mobile bands

We have talked quite about over the last few weeks about the Samsung Nexus Prime. It looks to be a very nice Android smartphone that will be coming soon. We all know that before the smartphones can hit the stores around the US; the device has to make the obligatory trip through the FCC's mitts. That has now happened with the Prime spotted coming through the FCC.

The phone that the FCC tested was operating on the frequencies used by AT&T and T-Mobile. You can bet money it will hit AT&T first. We had thought that the smartphone would be a Verizon exclusive, and now we have proof that isn't the case. The smartphone the FCC laid hands on had no CDMA radio. The Prime also has no HSPA+ support it seems so it won't be using AT&Ts faux 4G network.

As is typical with Android devices, they tend to hit carriers with different names so perhaps we will see other version of the Nexus coming through the FCC in the near future. The Nexus Prime was thought to be debuting this week, but that was axed last week for unknown reasons.

[via Android Community]