Nexus Player missing FCC certification, removed from Google Play Store

Nexus Player, Google's first and just announced set-top box, went up on the U.S. Play Store for pre-order just yesterday, but has already been taken down. The reason? Apparently the device has yet to be certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and as a result is not permitted to be sold in the U.S. just yet.

You can still see a listing for the Nexus Player on Google's marketplace, however customers are not able to place pre-orders, and instead it is labeled as "out of inventory." Android Police was the first to find that at the very bottom of the device's fine print, there is now a mention of the lack of FCC approval, and that it can't be sold until the government signs off.

The FCC's role in this situation is to protect consumers by testing devices intended for sale in the U.S. for unwanted electromagnetic interference, and to make sure that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals are acceptable. It's most likely that this is just a case of poor timing, and not some kind of last-minute denial by the government, or a discovery of maliciousness on Google's part.

While still priced at $99, there's no mention of when the Nexus Player will be available again for pre-order. The same goes for the media device's game controller, as well as if the scheduled November 3rd in-store release is to be affected too.

SOURCE Android Police