Nexus One shipments dry up

Chris Davies - Jul 19, 2010
Nexus One shipments dry up

Depressing news if you’ve been saving up for an unlocked Google Nexus One, with the search giant announcing that, as of this weekend, they’ve received their last shipment of the Android smartphone.  Google will be prioritising availability of remaining Nexus One stocks for app developers, who will be able to buy the smartphone via their account on the Android Market Publisher site.

Meanwhile Nexus One handsets sold via carriers outside of the US – such as in the UK and Korea – will continue to be available.  Google’s Eric Schmidt has already confirmed that there isn’t a Nexus Two in the pipeline, believing that the first model did its job in driving advanced hardware adoption among Android smartphone manufacturers.

Unfortunately, those manufacturers also seem particularly inclined to augment the native Android experience with their own customizations, and the end result is devices that go long periods before being updated to the latest version of the Google OS.  Ironically, we can see a time when Google may have to consider another own-brand device, only to promote standardized software rather than improved hardware.

[via Android Community]

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