Nexus One “coming soon” to Walmart Wireless

Chris Davies - Jan 26, 2010, 5:37am CST
Nexus One “coming soon” to Walmart Wireless

Analysts blamed Google’s comparatively lackluster first-week Nexus One sales on the Android 2.1 smartphone only being available through their online store, but all that could be changing.  A Walmart Wireless product page for the Nexus One has been spotted, suggesting that the smartphone is “Coming Soon”.

Unfortunately there’s no indication of when “soon” might be, though you can leave your email address and have Walmart Wireless get in touch when the Nexus One is approaching.  Although we’ve seen prematurely-posted product pages before, Walmart’s is particularly comprehensive in this case; that’s leading us to believe that this hasn’t been posted in error.

No word on whether the Walmart Wireless Nexus One will be an online-only deal or available in-store – hands-on experience with the smartphone would do a lot to boost its everyday awareness with consumers – but we’re hoping the latter.

[via Android Community]

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