Nexus 7 With LTE Resurfaces With AT&T SIM Option, More Regions

The LTE version of the latest Nexus 7 slate disappeared from the Google Play store yesterday, with it being listed as "Not for sale at this time." Following that earlier today was a tweet from Verizon stating that the tablet wasn't part of their lineup, not allowing it to be activated, and now it has reappeared in Google Play, this time with an AT&T SIM option.

Also added into the mix is an LTE version sans-carrier, as well as some new regions that have scored the device, bringing the total up to nine: the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Spain, Germany, Japan, and Korea. All three versions of the LTE-enabled slate are priced at $349, while the 32GB WiFi-online model still sits at $269 and the 16GB WiFi version sits at $229.

As we mentioned earlier, it appeared for a time that T-Mobile was the only carrier standing, with Verizon not willing to activate it on its network. Such complaints prompted the tweet Verizon sent out this morning saying that activation was not possible and that not all LTE tablets are created equal, which also caused it fair share of confusion.

At the time, the Google Play Store still only showed the T-Mobile LTE version and the two WiFi versions. Now the AT&T version is also listed in Google Play, alongside a carrier-free version. Those willing to get the AT&T version of the tablet with a two-year contract will get a $100 discount. The slate will need to be purchased and activated before December 31, with the $100 discount being applied in the form of a bill credit.

SOURCE: Google+