Nexus 7 shoved in Google homepage pocket

The Google homepage, traditionally a rather stark white sort of place, has had a rather front and center location updated to include a link to the company's current hero tablet, the Nexus 7, up for sale in their online store. The space below the search bar (which has also had a bit of an update recently) has been reserved traditionally for only the most important of updates – September 11, 2001 news on the day it occurred being one example. Today Google's placement of a portal leading to their one and only Nexus tablet has been met with some resistance by the very vocal fans of said page online.

Another example of a bit of content that sat below the Google Searchbar on their own homepage was a small tribute to Steve Jobs the day he died. Google's newest update appears to be one of the only instances where what could be construed as an advertisement has appeared with prime placement on their homepage. Reactions have ranged from the very supportive to the very negative, calling for Google's head and saying that their original motto "don't be evil" has been forever besmirched.

Instead of screaming about one side of the situation or the other, we're going to go ahead and offer you a look at the device Google is showing off. We've got a full review of the Nexus 7 and have had quite a few hands-on experiences with the device since it was revealed at Google I/O 2012. This tablet brings a rather inexpensive $199 pricetag to a quad-core processor-toting 7-inch touchscreen attached to a relatively light and thin chassis. The device is manufactured by ASUS and carries Google's newest mobile operating system version Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

The link that Google connects you with brings you straight to the Google Play store online where you can see the $199 8GB internal storage version of the slate in black. The white model you see in the review above was released at Google I/O and is limited edition (thus far) for developers and other attendees of the convention only. Have a peek at our timeline of Nexus 7 hands-on and featured posts to gain more insight into the workings of this lovely little beast.