Nexus 7 sells out across the USA

It's an amazing feat to behold when a company makes a device so popular that it sells out in one store, much less the entirety of the USA – but that's what Google is doing with the Nexus 7. This ASUS-manufactured tablet appears very much to be capturing the imaginations – and pocketbooks – of users across the United States as well as the UK as retailers both offline and online are showing sold out signs galore. From what we understand it appears that 3rd party retailers are "frantically" attempting to get more units in stock as ASUS and Google make moves to make it all happen smoothly.

Those of you looking to grab one of these swiftly moving devices will want to head to the Google Play store, the only location that appears to have the 8GB model of the tablet in stock. [The Google Play online shop currently has 3-5 day shipping] listed aside this smaller of the two tablets right this minute. The 16GB model of the tablet is completely out of stock at the moment at the Google Play store online.

You can also of course head to eBay, but you're going to be seeing something like a 30-40% cost over retail if you do. Otherwise you might be out of luck for the larger tablet – while the smaller one is good to go, again, on Google Play. The following stores also have the tablet coming soon after having sold out completely:

• GameStop

• Office Depot

• Staples

• Kmart


• MobileCity

• Sam's Club

• Curry's PC World UK

Good luck, and be sure to let us know if you find a tablet for sale out there in the wild – and snatch it up quick! Also be sure to check out our full review of the Nexus 7 to get an idea of what you'll be snatching!