Nexus 7 Pogo Dock hits Google Play store online

It's finally arrived – the official Google Nexus 7 Pogo Pin dock made for your very favorite 7-inch tablet, straight from the big G. This release has been awaited by fans of the device since it was first realized that the unit had a set of Pogo Pins on its side. What this means is that you'll be able to drop the tablet in to the charger sideways and you'll have to do no plugging of any sort to make with the charging – so simple!

This device is being shown in each of the three major sales locations for the device on Google Play, both in the USA and across the sea in both the UK and greater Europe. The price remains relatively similar depending on where you're grabbing it from – so similar, in fact, that you'll want to pick one up in the store that resides inside your own land mass, without a doubt.

For the USA version you'll be dropping $29.99, in the UK you'll be paying up 24.99 in English Quid, and across the Euro mass you'll see 29,99 EU, as it were. The device remains essentially the same no matter where you're purchasing it, save the wall-plug, of course. If you've seen this device before this release, you've quite likely been paying $10 USD more (or that's what we've seen in general, that is).

This device is quite simple, only holding your Nexus 7 upright and charging it just so long as you've got the cord out the back plugging in to a power port. And that's it, that's all, that's all there is! Have a peek at the Nexus 7 timeline below to see other recent happenings surrounding this lovely tablet device.