Nexus 7 gets fabulous Google Ninja unboxing video

Today the traditional "Ninja Unboxing" video has been released for the Nexus 7, here with none other than UFC champ George St-Pierre playing the part of celebrity unboxer "Dr Paul". This unboxing starts with an undeniably intense series of quick-cut sentences with the unboxing champ and rocks in quick with some stop-motion action via the Ninjas. This whole video was filmed and animated by the same fellow to do the rest of the videos in the past: Patrick Boivin.

Of course the unboxing really doesn't bring much other than an amazingly entertaining series of punches and kicks with the Nexus 7 thrown in for fun, but hey, stop-motion ninjas vs UFC champ GSP is a good afternoon lunch-break view no matter how you cut it. Have a peek at the whole beast right here, right now:

Interestingly enough, it appears that this video was updated in July of last year – impossible unless Google had this device in the works since then. Of course that's impossible one way or another since the Nexus 7's hardware wasn't planned for Google until earlier this year. So the whole situation is strange!

Throughout the apartment you'll find that GSP also has a collection of Jelly Beans, Android toys, and trophies galore – plus the crunchy couch the whole group settles on in the end. Check it out! Also head to the timeline below to see the rest of our Nexus 7 action from the reveal to the review to the newest in new!