Nexus 6P Toast Review : Custom-cut Cover

Today we're having a peek at the Nexus 6P with a custom-cut wood cover from the folks at Toast. What we've got here is an Ebony Wood cut with ash inlay with front and back cover for the Nexus 6P, both cut by the brand Toast. The custom design comes from yours truly and features a sort of "Ace of Spades" setup with a detailed skull. What we're reviewing here is both the detail the company was able to get and the fit of the cover on the device.

The design we sent the company can be seen on the left, in the image below. The cut can be seen on the right. As each cut of wood (and/or leather, which they also customize) is different, and reacts to different shapes differently.

We left it to Toast to decide which wood(s) to use for this project – they decided it would be the Ebony wood cut with Ash inlay you see before you. You'll see the Ace of Spades graphics cut into the dark Ebony, while the larger spade shape has been cut and replace by Ash. This piece of Ash has the rest of the graphic elements for the back of the phone.

Together they've created a radical masterpiece.

They've also included Ash pieces for the buttons and SIM card tray as well as the camera array and glass area.

Above you'll see the wood buttons.

These are applied after the darker, larger section is applied to the phone, one by one.

The skull cut is not 100% precise down to the pixel – but what the company has produced is well above my expectations for how detailed this wood would allow itself to be cut.

They've taken my too-sharp image and have produced a cut that's complimentary to the wood, making the final product feel like a natural fit.

Above you'll see the cut of one Ace of Spades mark in the corner of the back of the device.

Below you'll see the fit of the cover along the bottom of the device – with plenty of room for your USB-C port.

The wood is creased in exactly the right places, and the 3M stick on the back of the wood is extremely strong.

The fit of the cover is supremely precise.

This is no fly-by-night operation. They've clearly gone down to the smallest degree when cutting these pieces of wood, applying the 3M stick-paper to their backs with extraordinary precision.

Because of their immense attention to detail, this Nexus 6P has been fitted perfectly.

NOTE: If you're the sort of person who isn't able to apply a screen protector to your phone without assistance, we recommend you get some assistance here as well.

Pricing on this custom-cut wood casing action from Toast starts at $59 USD, and is completely dependent on your device and cut. Have a peek at other examples of cuts at Toast.