Nexus 6 and Nexus smartwatch tipped for LG

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 6, 2014
Nexus 6 and Nexus smartwatch tipped for LG

During Mobile World Congress 2014 last month, Android boss Sundar Pichai said we’d not be seeing the next Nexus smartphone until the second half of this year, which surprised no one, and now according to word that has surfaced, LG will be making the handset — as well as a Nexus smartwatch.

The information comes from a “business-related source” that spoke to Gizmodo’s German branch, claiming LG will be making the anticipated Nexus 6 smartwatch. Says the unidentified tipster, the next Nexus will end up being a stripped-down variety of the LG G3.

Following it is also word that Google will be “working closely with LG” to produce a Nexus Smartwatch, a version of the Google smartwatch that we’ve heard about in various rumors over past months. This smartphone is tipped as based on the Google Now interface and reportedly set to arrive this fall — all according to rumor.

This tip joins the roster of others that have surfaced in relatively recent times, and there’s nothing official — or decidedly firm — to lend this word any more credence than other leaks we’ve seen surface. As such, we’ll tuck this one away neatly in the “maybe” folder, and as always will update when more information arises.

VIA: Android Community

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