Nexus 5 subsidized pricing marches with mid-tier

The Nexus 5 pricing has been the subject of many rumors, all of which can be put to rest now that Google has made the handset official. The handset is listed now in the Google Play Store, where we see that many of the rumors has the price spot-on or very nearly so, and now word is beginning to surface from carriers regarding their Nexus 5 plans and how much of a subsidization discount can be expected with a two-year contract.

We've received word from T-Mobile that it will be offering the Nexus 5 under its Simple Choice Plan, and for those who qualify, also under its JUMP! program. The next Google phone will be available from T-Mobile's retail store and some dealers, as well as online from its website. Unfortunately, the carrier hasn't provided a price yet, promising to do so soon, but Sprint will be offering the Nexus 5 for $149.99 for the 16GB version on November 8, and so it is reasonable to expect about the same.

Without carrier subsidization, buyers can grab the handset at the Play Store, with the 16GB version costing $349 USD and the 32GB verson costing $399 USD. The smartphone is being offered in both black and white, though the black 16GB version had already sold out by this point, and the white 16GB version is also now being listed as "We are out of inventory. Please check back soon."

At the beginning of the month, we saw a new leak surface that updated previous leaks regarding both the launch date and the price tag, with it being said the Nexus 5 would launch on the last week of October with a price tag half that of the iPhone 5s.

The updated release date was spot on, but the price tag estimate was still too high, having pegged the 32GB model at $440 rather than its $399. This puts the smartphone solidly into the mid-tier pricing range, and under cuts Apple all the while.