Nexus 5 reportedly launching last week of October with specs akin to iPhone 5s

The much-anticipated Nexus 5 has surfaced in a variety of leaks, including benchmarks and a video. Last month, it was tipped by DigiTimes that the LG handset would be launching on October 14, which was a reasonable date. The folks over at Tech Radar has spoken to a source that says it will be a bit later than that, however, arriving in the last week of this month with specs akin to the iPhone 5s.

The source is said to be "familiar with Google," saying that the smartphone will be both announced and shipped sometime during the last week of this month. The pricing is said to be half the cost of the iPhone 5s, with the price given being about $446 USD. As mentioned, the source said said the specs will match the iPhone 5s, but clarification wasn't offered on what this claim precisely means.

Performance will be the same as the iPhone 5s, according to the source, but what will match up between the two smartphones wasn't specified. If the claims pan out, this would mean the Nexus 5 could serve to under cut Apple, offering comparable performance to Apple's handset at a substantially lower price point.

On September 26, we saw benchmarks for the Nexus 5 surface, with GFXBench results listing several handsets, the top two being the iPhone 5s and the Nexus 5. The benchmarks match up to what this latest source claims, with both the Apple and the Google handset scoring 23, outpacing the Sony Xperia Z1, LG G2, and the Samsung GALAXY S 4, among others.

SOURCE: TechRadar