Nexus 5 back in stock, and probably staying around

Earlier today, as we were hunting down all the Nexus/Android good stuff for you, our readers, something stuck out. I passed if off as a bit off as an error (because Google had quite a few of them today), but it's there, plain as day, and still present. It doesn't make sense, either, considering Google's Nexus madness of years past. The Nexus 5 still has a home, and not a hidden one deep in the support pages. The Nexus 5 just might stick around.

Earlier today, the Nexus 5 went out of stock, and the world assumed we'd soon be seeing the Nexus 6. We did get the Nexus 6, and the 5 remained unavailable, but didn't go away. It's also back in stock.

The Nexus 5 has a refreshed home screen, and is listed right between the Nexus 6 and Nexus Player on the top menu. It also has a prominently placed "Buy Now" button on the top right of its dedicated screen.

At this point, Google typically jettisons the old stuff, and rolls the new hardware in to take its place. There's an unceremonious changing of the guard, and the old hardware is unavailable, unlisted, and out of sight.

The Nexus 5 staying put likely means Google either has a ton of inventory (unlikely), or they're keeping it as a lower-tiered offering for Nexus hopefuls. That would be wise, considering the Nexus 6 is so polarizing. A smaller, less-pricey Nexus is a great idea, and a nice way to bridge the gap between what is a questionable aim by Google with the Nexus 6, and their tried-and-true method of offering unlocked devices cheap.

Of special note is that on that Nexus page, no Nexus 7 or 10 are listed. Google went through the trouble to update one page without consideration for the others. They've seemingly made their choice as to who stays in Nexus-land, and who goes.

Source: Google Nexus