Nexus 4 $50 deal prompts T-Mobile stock shortage

Chris Burns - Feb 8, 2013, 11:47am CST
Nexus 4 $50 deal prompts T-Mobile stock shortage

Mobile carrier T-Mobile USA has placed the Google Nexus 4 smartphone on sale this week for a surprising nearly-$250 discount, going “out of stock” once again rather rapidly after having done so. This announcement comes quickly after it was figured out by some intrepid fans that LG had ramped up production so well that 1,000,000 units were now on the market – a giant undertaking and speed-up compared to what was out only a few months ago! T-Mobile will now be making sure they’re back in-stock as quickly as they’ve drained out – and will a massive influx of Android users on their hands, they’ll certainly be glad to do so!

With the Google Nexus 4, LG created a device that was at once extremely powerful and surprisingly inexpensive. While we’re still not entirely sure how Google is able to offer the device for a price so low (right around $300 USD) off-contract, it would appear that T-Mobile is out-doing the big G with their own ways and means. When you do decide to pick up a device from T-Mobile, mind you, you wont be getting the same deal as when you pick one up from Google.


With a T-Mobile purchase of a Google Nexus 4, you’re getting a 2-year contract attached to your smartphone. When you purchase a Google Nexus 4 from Google, you get that device with no contractual obligations. It would appear that the popularity of the Google Nexus 4 being entirely due to its relatively low off-contract price has been rendered obsolete – let the $50 “discount” roll on!

Have a peek at the timeline below of recent stories surrounding the Google Nexus 4 and let us know if you’ve got one already. Also be sure to speak up if you’re planning on purchasing a Nexus 4 but aren’t quite sure at the moment if you’re going to be wanting one straight from Google, from T-Mobile, or from some third strange and mysterious source. We’ll be waiting for you!

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