Next Up On My Shopping List: PlayStation TV

Don Reisinger - Jun 14, 2014
Next Up On My Shopping List: PlayStation TV

I might already own an Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and PlayStation 4, but that doesn’t mean I’m putting an end to my purchases of set-top boxes. Quite the contrary, I’ve found a device that, I believe, will be my next big purchase for the home: the Sony PlayStation TV.

Formerly known as the PlayStation Vita TV in Japan, the device was announced recently at E3. The microconsole, as it’s become known, is capable of playing over 1,000 games, and will even provide the functionality for current PlayStation 4 owners to hook the PlayStation TV up to another television and stream games to the set. The device is set to launch in the fall for $99.

Although there are some gamers that see the PlayStation TV as an unnecessary addition to the home, I see it as a potential boon for my own. I’m a big gamer that enjoys playing games on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But sometimes, the television I have my PlayStation 4 connected to is occupied by someone in my family, and rather than kick them out of the room, I wait and I wait until they’re done so I can play.

For console owners like me, that’s been a common refrain in our lives. We buy hardware for a single television and need to wait until that set is free to play on it. And when we were young, and the consoles were in the living room where the entire family would watch TV at night, there was no chance of gaming unless we unplugged the hardware and brought it into our rooms.


The PlayStation TV brings to the market something that people like me have been waiting on for a long time. It stops us from being locked into a single room, and it’s cheap enough that if we want to buy two, we can be practically anywhere in the house and be able to game.

It’s the freedom of movement and the leveraging of today’s faster web speeds that make it possible, and it’ll ultimately be what drives our ability for true wireless high-end gaming in the home.

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So excuse me if I seem a little over-excited for the PlayStation TV. While I can appreciate that it’s not for everyone, it is for me, based on what I need. The device will help me play PlayStation games anywhere in the home, it’ll also stream entertainment services to my television, and at $99, it’s a bargain. I can’t say it enough: the PlayStation TV does what no other product on the market can: bridge the gap between a true console experience and streaming.

Now, in the future, I’m sure many other devices will do the same. Indeed, the Amazon Fire TV is almost there with its own streaming games. But as an old-time console gamer, I see the PlayStation TV as a better value for me and something that will make my life both easier and more fun.

So, I can’t wait for fall and for the opportunity to finally get my hands on a device I’ve been waiting on for far too long.

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