Next-gen wireless toothbrush monitors your brushing

It's strange how the tech jokes of a few years ago often end up meandering round to be plain factual; I remember people scoffing at the idea of everything in your house being networked and "intelligent", and now here's Oral-B with a toothbrush that not only offers different brushing modes for polishing, massaging and cleaning but can wirelessly connect to a mirror-mounted LCD display which tells you to keep brushing.


As well as timing your brushing to make sure you hit that all important two-minutes, it has a "quadrant" display to prompt you to move between different areas of your mouth.  Move out of wireless range (the technology is so-far undisclosed) and when you step back into the bathroom the display will automatically catch up with where you're up to.

Might Oral-B be missing a trick, here?  They really should go the whole hog, fit 802.11n and let it stream music from across your WiFi network.  It could even play the sound through bone-conduction, direct through your teeth.

The Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide should be available imminently with a MRSP of around $150.

Oral-B [via CrunchGear]