Next-Gen Mitsubishi Delica to debut at 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Shane McGlaun - Aug 31, 2017
Next-Gen Mitsubishi Delica to debut at 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Things have been very quiet in the US on the Mitsubishi front. The company isn’t doing well in the US, but that may be turning around for it with the Nissan-Renault deal that we talked about last year. Many are quite bummed that Mitsubishi killed off the Evo, the only enthusiast exciting car the company offered. Cars aren’t the future for Mitsubishi though and it is betting on crossovers for its turnaround.

A next-generation Mitsubishi Delica is expected to turn up in October at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. The Delica isn’t a car you can get in the US, and the previous generation was a very odd looking car that looks like something between and SUV and a minivan. The renderings for the next-gen Delica show a vehicle that looks much better than its predecessor with a style that is reminiscent of other current generation Mitsubishi vehicles.

It’s important to note that these renderings were apparently not created by Mitsubishi so there is nothing official about them. Word is that the new Delica will ride on the same platform as the Mitsubishi Outlander. Most of the Outlanders sold in the US are front-wheel drive, but the Delica won’t have FWD as an option, instead it is tipped for only a 4WD mode using the S-AWC system.

Engine options are expected to include a new 2.2L turbo diesel engine making 170ps and 392.27 nm of torque. There is no word on what transmissions will be offered. The vehicle isn’t expected to launch until the 2019 model year.

The past generation Delcia launched about a year after renderings were seen. The Tokyo Motor Show kicks off on October 25 and if this report is accurate we can get eyes on the new Delica then. This vehicle is not expected to come to the US.

SOURCE: Indian Autos Blog

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