NewsGator, IE7 and Vista integrate

In the olden days people had to hitch up a horse & cart and actually visit each website they wanted to read, which took at least three years every day to complete.  Obviously that didn't leave much time to do other things, such as eating, juggling and shaving themselves, so some clever people developed RSS (Really Simple Syndication) as a method of bringing the website content to the users.  Obviously that only required about the locomotive power of a small to medium sized monkey, a great energy saving.

With the advent of IE7 RC1 and the Windows RSS Platform, which is an integral component of Vista and delivers syndicated content around the OS, RSS is going to go mainstream.  Microsoft and NewsGator, one of the biggest independent RSS aggregator companies with a unique synchronisation system that keeps the information and read settings harmonised across each platform they support (online, within Outlook and on mobile clients), have developed a Desktop Sync client which will keep the Windows RSS Platform similarly in line with NewsGator's technology.

As an avid NewsGator user, I'm really excited to see how this leverages the ease of use and efficiency of their product with the inbuilt feed tools IE7 has.  Until now I've not bothered with the browser's RSS reader, so if Microsoft's intention was to encourage uptake then they've done the right thing!

Currently in very early pre-release beta form, the NewsGator Desktop Sync client is a free download.  Registering for NewsGator online is also free, with various premium packages also available to integrate with Microsoft Outlook and mobile clients.

NewsGator Desktop Sync Beta [NewsGator Blog]