Newman 'Cool Man' MP3 badge

PMPs can hang round your neck, clip onto your pocket and dangle from your belt; why not pin onto your clothes?  That's Newman's latest tactic with their 'Cool Man' MP3 player, a basic PMP the unique-selling-point of which is the convenience of being able to attach it to yourself.  Plus, it means you can have your own Janet Jackson-style "wardrobe emergency" when a passing thief snatches it off your shirt.

Of course, you'll never actually experience such a crime as no self-respecting thief would lower themselves to liberate such tat.  The basic OLED display, MP3/WMA compatibility and built-in microphone aren't enough to blind us to the awful, plasticky naffness of the casing, and even the pin itself looks like a cheap afterthought.

Cheap, then, is likely to be the Cool Man's saving grace.  No sign of pricing yet, but expect 1GB+ capacity and bargain basement tag. 

[via Generation-MP3]