10 reasons for the blue sky explosion in New York City

We've got the official explanation for why the sky went an unnatural blue last night in New York City. The Con Edison (NYC) electrical company's explanation is the most feasible – that an electrical fire caused the whole mess. In our feature today we'd like to explain what really happened, first and foremost – then we'd like to explore some awesome alternate possibilities. Science fiction sort of stuff – the stuff that would've been much more awesome than a mere transformer explosion in Astoria.

According to the New York Police Department, the lights seen throughout the city last night (on December 27th, 2018) came from a transformer explosion at a Con Edison facility in Queens. There is no need to panic as the fire is under control, and all seems to be well. That's about as official as local government officials are willing to get – or as deep an explanation as we're likely to get.

From Con Edison we've got the following: "There was a brief electrical fire at our substation in Astoria which involved some electrical transformers and caused a transmission dip in the area. We're currently investigating the cause of the incident." Further, a Con Edison representative shared the following: "Last night's electrical fault caused a sustained electrical arc flash & transmission disturbance. There were no injuries and all the power lines serving the area are stable."

Now, as for the alternate-reality explanations and the science fiction possibilities we'd all rather believe. What's a bright blue explosion without some big-screen Hollywood conspiracy theories?

1. The Mighty THOR!

Heralding from the legendary Asgard, the mighty Thor is transported through the universe down to Midgard! From the rainbow bridge, sent across realms with no less than the god Heimdal's own Bifrost! Along the shimmering path rides Thor, Odinson!

2. Spider-Man Saves!

Given the current state of super-hero permeation of our pop-culture consciousness, you'll find many of these explanations centered on comic characters. In this case, it's all about Spider-Man and his battle with the electrically-powered ELECTRO!

3. It's God Zilla

Otherwise known as Godzilla – or Gojira, if you're nasty. This is clearly the most monstrous possibility. Look at his modern blue flame explode toward the sky!

4. Why you gonna call?

It's clearly an opening of a necronomic portal of some sort – ghosts included. This is New York City, after all. Now we just need to figure out which team of Ghostbusters to call. Is Kate Mckinnon available?

For more proof that this was some sort of Ghostbusters 2 action, see the following video from Tammy Lam, posted as the events occurred. Such light – much glowing!

5. ID4: Independence Day

It's not yet July, but it might just be time that the invasion began. We're talking original style, with Will Smith and The Fly and everything. Remember you load your virus with a gif of a skull for added destruction!

6. Magnetic Field Disruptor TR-3B

A USAF top secret nuclear powered triangle by the name of TR-3B, the Black Triangle! This was suggested after a video posted by Gisella Haidar not long after the first Con Edison explanation. Have a peek below – look at the triangle, and believe!

7. Loki's Hijinks

It's been made clear recently that Loki was as much under Thanos' control as he was responsible for the New York City Incident in the first Avengers movie – but still. It would seem that The Near Future has come right on time. We're going to need to get a Hulk as soon as possible!

8. Fire on the Dance Floor

The return of Prince with a Brand New Dance theory was shot down by the fact that the color wasn't Purple. But the idea that a new rap star dropped their latest mixtape is still hot fire. When a fire burns super hot, it gets blue!

9. Dr Manhattan's Arrival

Did you see The Watchmen movie? If not, I think you should. It's pretty gosh-darned good. Also it's a pretty good place to start if you'd like to explain what happened last night in Astoria.

10. It was Aliens

The most obvious explanation for this incident is aliens. There's only one man we trust to deliver us that truth, and he lives on the History Channel. Ancient Aliens, here in our present day New York City!

If you've got any other theories, let us know! We're all about finding new and exciting ways to forget about the nightmare that is everyday modern life, if only for a moment. Join us in this darkest timeline!