New Xbox One controllers released as store exclusives

Two new Xbox One Wireless Controllers have been revealed by Microsoft, one in red, the other in green. These controllers roll with color schemes extremely similar to what we chose late last year with the Xbox Design Lab Xbox One Controller – custom one-tone. The Xbox Design Lab still exists – it still allows users to select their own colors for an Xbox One controller of their choice – but not exactly like these two new releases.

Have a peek at SlashGear's top 4 Xbox One controllers review to see our all-Deep Pink color setup. Then take note that while Microsoft allows color combinations very similar to what you're about to see, they don't get quite so specific. You cannot select black buttons with red letters XYAB, for example – only black, white, or gray.

The first of two new color setups for the Xbox One Wireless Controller is Red and Red. It's actually called just "Red", but it comes with two different Red tones in it. The backside and bumpers are a deep red while the front buttons and joysticks are a slightly lighter red. The XYAB buttons are the same dark red as the back, while the letters are the same light red as the front.

The other controller is Green with Orange accents. This controller has a color scheme similar to the red in that the lighter green sits up front, while the darker rings in the back. The lighter green covers the bumper buttons, however, as well as the XYAB buttons, while the darker green is used for the letters. Orange accents appear on the joysticks (whose pads are light green).

Both controllers have the Blue, Yellow, Green, Red colors of the original Xbox controller printed between the XYAB buttons. Just in case a game requests that you tap the red button, and you'd be otherwise unaware of what it was talking about.

The two controllers shown above will be coming to Microsoft, Walmart and/or GameStop on the 24th of January, 2017 or today. The Green/Orange controller will be coming exclusively to the Microsoft Store and Walmart, while the Red controller will be coming exclusively to the Microsoft Store and GameStop. Both controllers will be made available for $64.99 – the Green/Orange controller is coming in late January, while the Red is out this week.