New True Detective season 2 trailer teases depths of depravity

When we got our first glimpse at season two of True Detective, it offered a moody, tense glimpse into who we'd see struggling between right and wrong on-screen. For fans, it was also confirmation that the teasers laid out ahead of the teaser were at least mainly accurate. Now, we're getting a second look at the second season, and can glean a bit more about the narrative. Still moody, still tense, and still edgy from the first scene, we now know there are also dead bodies.

Fans who follow True Detective closely know there was a lot of imagery regarding the freeways of Los Angeles all along, and now we know one character — Taylor Kitsch's — is highway patrol. Rachel McAdams looks to be a detective, likely homicide.

Colin Farrell's character isn't quite so clear. We know he's officially on the right side of the law, but not to what capacity, or how widely he really teeters on the fence he's apparently straddling.

Vince Vaughn was always going to be our protagonist, but we didn't know to what end. We still don't know exactly what he's up to, but talk of dead bodies and his "sometimes your worst self is your best self" line only suggest he's got no scruples.

It's a lot of mystery, and a lot of excitement for fans. Nobody seems to be comfortable in their own skin, and everyone is lashing out. There are mystery characters I'll let you discover on your own (who's that guy on the elevator; the guy in the mask from the first teaser?). Until June, enjoy the teasers.