New touchscreen Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot cellphone leaked

I've suddenly had a worrying thought: as cellphones jump on the iPhone style bandwagon and concentrate on full touchscreen controls, all the lovely leaked photos of upcoming models will be pretty bland.  For instance, this CyberShot-camera toting cellphone from Sony Ericsson; I'm sure when it launches it'll be a whiz-bang chunk of sexy excitement, but for now, in this leaked photo, it looks about as interesting as a cellphone case.


Still, beggars can't be choosers, and if we want manufacturers to step up to Apple's lovely handset then we'll have to make do with what leaked photos we can get.  Take note, in the above photo, of the reflection of a K750i taking the mystery-phone's picture.  Apparently this is likely to be a handset available outside of Japan, which of course makes it all the more of a tease.

and for the umpteenth time... [via uberphones]