New Tesla Cybertruck prototype gives Elon Musk "troubles"

Tesla's blocky, futuristic Cybertruck — the vehicle that looks like a low-poly model in real life — was recently spied going for a spin on the company's Fremont, California, track. Drone footage captured Tesla's prototype truck from multiple angles, revealing one new addition to the model that even Musk is unhappy about.

Vehicles are required to have certain components, which has already proven to be a hurdle for some of Tesla's more ambitious concepts. Shortly after the footage was published online, some viewers noted the seemingly out-of-place side mirrors on the Cybertruck prototype, but most were focused on the massive windshield wiper.

The video was published by YouTube channel Chile A|100 on December 10; a drone was used to capture footage of a bunch of Tesla vehicles, including the Cybertruck model. This vehicle features a long windshield that seemingly merges with the hood, giving it a sharp, clean look. The only problem? Adequately eliminating water droplets when it rains.

Tesla's current solution seems to be nothing more than a very long windshield wiper, which, though simple enough, looks very out of place and a bit antiquated on what is otherwise a design reminiscent of sci-fi works. Musk isn't happy about the design either, at least based on a tweet he published in response to the windshield wiper criticism.

Musk suggests a different, more attractive alternative can be developed in place of a traditional wiper, but with it may come additional complexities. Wipers are very simple in their current form and can, when necessary, be easily replaced by drivers. Would a more attractive Cybertruck alternative be worth the change if it meant more hassle during routine maintenance?

Of course, it's possible Tesla could design a solution that is both visually appealing and as simple to maintain as an ordinary windshield wiper. It's also possible Tesla may bring the vehicle to market with the massive wiper we see on the prototype, giving it the appearance of a dark broadsword periodically sweeping across the glass.

Back in September 2019, Electrek spotted a Tesla patent for futuristic windshield wipers that would utilize a single blade, an "electromagnetic moving block," and a guide rail. The patent suggests a rain and snow detection system could trigger the wiper blade to move back and forth across the windshield.

However, it's not uncommon for companies to file patents for technologies they never ultimately bring to the market, and there's a good chance this electromagnetic wiper concept falls under that category. For now, at least, the blocky Cybertruck is equipped with an entirely ordinary wiper blade and we'll have to wait for future updates to see whether it remains.