New Surface tablets, Xbox Two tipped with tiny details

A whole bunch of new Microsoft Surface devices are just around the corner, and we're taking a peek at a preliminary list. This set of devices seems to have been leaked to several sources this week. Given Microsoft's seemingly random process of decision making when it comes to new device reveal event dates, now seems as good a time as any!

Surface Pro 6

The Surface Pro 2 was revealed in September of 2013, Surface Pro 3 in May of 2014, Surface Pro 4 in October 2015. Once again in May in 2017 we saw the "New Microsoft Surface Pro" – aka maybe a 5? But not quite. In February of this year, Surface Pro saw a $200 price cut for the device's 5th birthday. In March, Microsoft released a Surface Pro with LTE.

What better time than now to discuss the coming of Surface Pro 6? Word from ZDNet is that the Surface Pro "6" is in the world, but it'll be here in mid-2019. It won't be here in October, probably.

Surface 4

The iPad warrior, aka Surface, is likely coming in 2019 as well. Not here in 2018, super sadface. According to WalkingCat on Twitter, this device might be in the mix as codename Lex, and it'll – obviously – have a type cover, codename Gibs. Not that those codenames matter to the end user, but they're out there nonetheless. This is supposed to be a low-cost tablet – remember tablets?

Xbox Two

The next Xbox, who knows what it'll be called, is tentatively scheduled for a 2020 reveal and/or release, so say anonymous contacts familiar with Microsoft's plans. That's a long ways off, and could very much change in major ways between now and then. It also means very little since we've seen so many iterations of gaming consoles in the last several years – it could just be an Xbox One XP. Whatever. It's just a new Xbox with a better set of innards, more than likely.

Refreshes / Accessories

Once again according to ZDNet (as linked above), there's meant to be a simpler refresh of the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop with newest-gen innards coming this autumn. That'd mean Intel 8th-gen Core chipsets and MAYBE new USB ports. Like USB-C and such, if Microsoft decides to join the rest of the world.

Microsoft is also apparently planning accessories for the Surface tablets and notebook. These do not necessarily require a Surface computer to work – but they've got that Surface brand. One item is a business-oriented headset with handy-dandy microphone. There might also be a Surface Studio 2 and a new Surface Hub 2 set for 2019.