New Steam Labs features launch for experimental game-finding

Several new experimental features were released today in Steam in the system called Steam Labs. This ecosystem is a place where Valve tests its newest ways in which users can find, view, follow along with, and likely BUY new games. Users can have a peek at the system through Steam Labs right this minute – assuming you're all about testing things that aren't yet fully realized, of course.

This, again, is the same Steam Labs we wrote about back in July of this year – it's still going! The latest edition of the live Steam Labs system right now has two updates and one up-and-coming feature. These newest updates to Steam Labs appeared on September 5th, 2019. The update Experiment 004: Search launched for the first time today, bringing about one massive number of search filters and infinite scroll in users Search for Games and such.

Users can activate 004 Search in Steam Labs using "Labs Mode" in their web browser. Using Labs Mode in a browser browsing the Steam Store will allow the user to filter search results (with 004 Search activated), and infinite-scroll to their hearts' content.

Experiment 005: Deep Dive was announced, but not yet active. Deep Dive will be somewhat like what it was based on, the system called Steam Diving Bell developed by game designer Lars Doucet. Diving Bell was originally "a web app for quickly discovering interesting games on Steam." Clearly Doucet's bid to create a Steam Labs experiment was successful – hard work pays off!

ALSO the latest update to Steam Labs enabled all games on Steam to work with Experiment 001: Micro Trailers. This system previously worked with a limited set of games – now it's just... out there!