New Sonic Prime "Multiverse" 3D headed to Netflix

This morning Netflix confirmed that they were working with SEGA and Wild Brain Studios and Man of Action Entertainment to bring a new Sonic series to their platform. This new series will be a 3D animated series, likely something similar to what Netflix delivered with Skylanders. This series is currently in production now, and will be "premiering" on Netflix next year (2022).

The TV show Sonic Prime will be delivered in a single season with a 24-episode run. That's the current extent of the confirmed deal Netflix has in play for number of episodes – it COULD expand in the future. That's generally what's happened with Netflix series such as this in the past – especially when it comes to a brand that's already recognizably powerful before it reaches Netflix for its own new multi-episode show.

This series was announced as being made for "kids, families, and long-time fans." The crews involved in creating this production suggested that they'll be drawing upon the "keystones of the brand" and that the "Blue Blur" (Sonic himself) will be in a "high-octane adventure where the fate of a strange new multiverse rests in his gloved hands."

Per WildBrain Studios, Sonic Prime is currently in production at their studio in Vancouver. Sonic the Hedgehog celebrates his 30th anniversary in the year 2021, so we'll expect a whole bunch of built-up to the point at which this series is released.

Isn't it interesting how we're dropping in to a Multiverse here, too. We've already got chatter of a Multiverse for the next major Spider-Man movie, another Multiverse for the next Dr. Strange movie, and we know there's Power in the Blood when it comes to embracing all realities in Star Wars. Only, this is Netflix, not Disney. Cross your fingers for a crossover anyway – all the characters in all the productions all the time!