New Shure AONIC earphones try to cover every need

Wireless audio accessories have suddenly become en vogue with the practical demise of the 3.5mm headphone jack. While the delivery technology has changed, the fact that no one size or design fits all hasn't. Rather than putting its eggs all in one headphone basket, Shure is instead expanding its young wireless AONIC brand with three new earphones that aim to appeal to a wider range of users' audio needs and budgets.

A few months ago, Shure launched its new AONIC brand to grab a piece of the wireless headphones and earphones market. The AONIC 50 became its first wireless headphones, boasting active noise cancellation and Shure's signature audio quality in a cord-free and portable form. There was also the AONIC 215 that also took the company into the realm of Truly Wireless Stereo earbuds.

This time, however, the AONIC line is adding some cables into the mix. But while all three new AONIC earphones do come with wires, they also feature Shure's unique detachable design that lets you transform them into truly wireless stereo (TWS) buds with a True Wireless Secure Fit adapter, sold separately for $179 or in a special bundle.

The AONIC 3 claims Shure's smallest earphone crown while still promising full-range sound from its single vented balanced armature driver. The AONIC 4, on the other hand, features the company's first dual-driver hybrid system with a combination dynamic and balanced armature design. Last but definitely not the least, the AONIC 5 promises a cinematic audio experience with three high-definition balanced armature drivers.

All three feature sound isolation technology that can block up to 37 dB of unwanted sound. The Shure AONIC 3 will retail for $199 or $349 bundled with the Secure Fit Adapter. The Shure AONIC 4 will go for $299 and also comes in a $449 bundle. Finally, the Shure AONIC 5 unsurprisingly asks the most at $449 right off the bat, with a $649 bundle that includes the TWS Secure Fit Adapter.