Shure AONIC 50 and AONIC 215 free your ears to enjoy your music anywhere

Wireless audio accessories are no longer oddities that delivered fancy futuristic features at the price of sound quality. Thanks to a push in the mobile industry to do away with the venerable 3.5mm headphone jack, audio equipment makers and audio technology innovators have started taking Bluetooth audio more seriously, resulting in a new generation of speakers, headphones, and earphones that all eschew limiting cables. One of those big names in the market is Shure who is expanding its portfolio with a new AONIC brand that includes its first-ever wireless headphones.

Previews almost three months ago at CES 2020, the last big tech show of the year so far, the AONIC 50 wireless headphones represents Shure's deep dive into wireless audio systems. Unlike your run of the truly wireless earbuds, the AONIC 50 on-ear cups' larger size is able to pack more inside, and not just the 20-hour battery life. Boasting adjustable noise cancellation, "Environment Mode" to hear ambient sounds, a dedicated amplifier, and Bluetooth 5.0, the headphones boasts of premium studio-like quality delivered in a wire-free package.

The AONIC 215 joins the company's growing family of wireless earphones, promising ultimate portability without audio compromise. An 8-hour battery life, 32 total with the rugged case, and support for a variety of wireless audio codecs like aptX, AAC, and SBC ensure you can listen to your favorite tunes with minimal downtime. Sound Isolating tech (not ANC) and Environment Mode let you block ambient sounds or let them in as you need.

One special talent that these two new AONIC wireless audio products have is that they can also function with wires if needed. A 3.5mm analog input on the AONIC 50 quickly transforms the entertainment accessory into a tool for conference calls. Shure's True Wireless Secure Fit Adapter, on the other hand, turns the AONIC 215 earbuds into a wired pair in a flash.

The Shure AONIC 50, which comes in black and brown color options, is now available for $399 while the Shure AONIC 215 will come in clear, black, white, and blue colors for $279. To mark the AONIC family's debut, Shure has once again partnered with the famed Adam Levine for a campaign that testifies to the two's long-standing partnership in delivering artists' emotion and inspiration through music.