New Shiny Galarian Pokemon GO added in game code leak

Overnight a series of new Pokemon were added to Pokemon GO, many of them Galarian Pokemon, and many of those Galarian Pokemon delivered with Shiny editions. The latest update also added a new icon and new imagery of the new Pokemon mentioned in said code. This new wave of Pokemon will likely appear before the big Pokemon GO Fest 2020 event at the end of the month – but we shall see!

In the latest set of codes delivered with Pokemon GO APK 0.181.0 (update) we see a new move called "CREATE!" That's very strange – but it'll likely fit nicely with a strange Pokemon such as Galarian Mr. Mime! That's an Ice Type, blue instead of red, and likely far less limited in spawn scope than its predecessor.

The code update included Galarian Ponyta as well as Galarian Rapidash, and their shiny iterations. Also in the game's update is Galarian Corsola, Galarian Yamask, and both Galarian Slowpoke and Galarian Slowbro.








This update will also include two new "costume" Pokemon that might not actually appear in-game until Halloween. One is Lapras, the other is Gengar. New clothing for trainers in this update include CONFETTI and a Pikachu Visor.

New codes we've not yet really sussed out yet, via LewyMD and PokeMiners on Reddit, include the following. Intem Rewards, Timed Group Challenge Started, Timed Group Challenge Goal Met, and Avatar Reset. That last one is likely a "change all clothing" or "start with fresh look" sort of thing. The codes BADGE_GOFEST_2020_TEST and BADGE_GOFEST_2020_GLOBAL were also added to the code.

This event also shows a new Pokemon GO loading screen! This loading screen shows a Team GO Rocket Balloon, a Whimsicott, a Braviary, and what might be the tail of a Mega Charizard X! There also appears to be Mega Evolution versions of Latias and Latios!

UPDATE: New "Unown" mentions in code appear to prepare the way for new Unown spawns during the course of the main Pokemon GO Fest event series! This would mirror past Pokemon GO Fest events, with Unown letters spelling words related to each event.

Pokemon GO Fest 2020 takes place on July 25 and July 26, from 10AM to 8PM local time. This event is global, and tickets to enter are approximately $15 USD. You can find out a whole bunch more about Pokemon GO Fest in our recent feature about said event.