New Samsung Galaxy Watch models revealed by FCC

The successor to one of the most major competitors to the Apple Watch was revealed today – in part – by the FCC. That is the Galaxy Watch, successor to the device with the same title. This Samsung device looks largely similar to the original, with a new stainless steel case and a new Gorilla Glass DX topside pane of protective glass.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch (2020) will come in a 45mm size – likely one of two sizes – and will be available in a variety of iterations. The variety of iterations that've appeared in the records posted by the FCC this week suggest that the Galaxy Watch MAY be available with built-in connectivity, without the need for a connected smartphone.

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UPDATE: It would appear that the latest leak includes comfirmation of an LTE model for the Galaxy Watch 2020. There won't likely be a 5G version of the watch, mainly because no use case for a data speed faster than 4G LTE has yet surfaced for a smartwatch.

This device will have 5 ATM water resistance certification. That means it'll be water resistant up to 50 meters below the surface of a body of water for up to 10 minutes. You'll be good to go for low-velocity and shallow-water activities.

Photos above and below show the original Samsung Galaxy Watch from the year 2018. This same model is included in the review linked in this article. The new model will likely resemble the original quite closely.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch will have Bluetooth connectivity with EDR and BLE – so probably Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. There'll be Wi-Fi a/b/g/n for wireless connectivity without mobile data. There'll be wireless charging – with a specific model connector that'll come with the watch – at 5W wireless charging speed.

We'll likely see the Samsung Galaxy Watch (2020) appear in the next few weeks. It's not yet clear whether we'll see these devices launch at the same time as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, or if they'll be unveiled at a separate event.