New report casts doubt on Sapphire glass for iPhone 6

All that talk of Sapphire may be for naught, according to one investor. Though Apple has their own Sapphire glass factory in Arizona nearing completion, it seems the actual process of making a full Sapphire display is a bit far off. According to a new report, we won't see any Sapphire displays until 2015.

Here's the skinny: Apple has a Sapphire plant, and a partner for that plant. They've got their own method for sandwiching Sapphire and glass, as does their partner GT Advanced Technologies. Those methods serve to bring down Sapphire glass production cost, which was noted in a previous report as being extremely costly.

Though this analyst sees Sapphire as a wildly popular option for the iPhone, he just doesn't see it happening this year. That could mean Apple is going to put it on an iPhone 6S, or just start supplanting whatever glass this analyst thinks will be on the iPhone we see this Fall. We've heard before that Apple would forgo Sapphire for the iPhone 6, but there has been no compelling evidence yet.

We've all seen that popular video showing an alleged Sapphire display being tortured, and can expect that whatever was tested to be stronger than your typical smartphone cover. Unfortunately, there are some problems that persist.

First, that tortured display was all but debunked as straight-up Sapphire glass, so that's an issue. Second, analyst commentary is purely speculative, and has no basis on what Apple is actually doing.

We aren't willing to hang our heads in disappointment just yet, but keep this one on the back burner of your mind should the iPhone 6 be found to not have Sapphire glass.

Source: Apple Insider