iPhone 6 rumors: updated camera and no Sapphire Glass

Nate Swanner - Jul 17, 2014, 4:15pm CDT
iPhone 6 rumors: updated camera and no Sapphire Glass

The iPhone 6 is easily the most anticipated phone this year, and is seeing more than its fair share of leaks and rumors. Two new rumors suggest the device may not end up with Sapphire Glass as expected, and the camera may actually be upgraded.


The Sapphire Glass that has been torture tested to perfection may not actually end up on the iPhone 6, it seems. A note to JP Morgan investors reportedly says that Apple can’t source enough of the displays, and not every new iPhone will have it. It didn’t say whether or not Apple would simply put Sapphire Glass on as many devices as possible, or leave it to one particular model. It’s widely believed Apple will introduce two new screen sizes this Fall — but you knew that, right?!

Another rumor suggests Apple is improving the camera on the iPhone 6, whereas we’d previously heard otherwise. Rather than leave the already nice 8MP shooter on the back, it seems Apple is at least toying with the idea of including a 13MP Sony-made camera. The new camera is said to have an Exmor IMX220 sensor, and 1080p video support. The 8MP camera has been around since the iPhone 4, so it’s prime time for an upgrade, as good as it is.

The rumors giveth, and the rumors taketh away. If these two rumors come to pass, you may end up with the same Corning Glass you have now, but get more megapixels in your new iPhone camera. Of course, if Apple really is having issues with Sapphire Glass production, it could just mean limited availability come launch day.

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