New red iPhone 7 already modded with black display on front

Apple's new (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have just launched, and it's hard to argue against how awesome the color looks on the iconic smartphone. Well, on the back side, that is. What you can argue against is Apple's choice to go with the white plate on the display side of the device as opposed to black. This is, of course, a purely subjective criticism, but it's one that many users have been vocal about online.

Fortunately, YouTuber Danny Winget is already to fulfill our imaginations of what a black and red iPhone 7 would look like and how much better it would be. He managed to already get his hands on a (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 Plus, and created a video of pairing it with the black display and internal components of a Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus.

Admitting that this project was "a little bit daunting," Winget had to do much more than just swap the front plate with white bezels for a black one, as separating the display from the logic board would permanently disable the iPhone's Touch ID fingerprint sensor. He had to go as far as completely disassembling the two phones, essentially resulting in a black iPhone 7 Plus that has had its aluminum chassis replaced.

Hands on with (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 Plus

It should go without saying that this modification is an "at your own risk" project, it requires not only purchasing two iPhones, but ruining one in the teardown process, destroying the waterproof seal on the red model, and simply hoping that nothing serious goes wrong when trying to put it all back together.

The end result, however, is almost worth it. Just look at how stunning the iPhone 7 looks in red and black after Winget finishes. We can only hope Apple goes with this color combination next time.

SOURCE YouTube/Danny Winget