New premium LG SIGNATURE line to be unveiled at CES 2016

Korean manufacturer LG puts dozens of consumer electronics products every year to the point that it might be hard to decide which one to buy or even save up for. This coming CES 2016, LG will be trying to make that decision a bit easier, though probably also more expensive. It will be revealing a new lineup of premium home entertainment and appliance products that will bear its new LG SIGNATURE brand. And from the tone and looks of things, it will be a set that will flaunt some luxury design elements and perhaps price tags to match their class.

That's not to say that LG doesn't have premium-looking products. But companies usually have a distinct and separate line reserved just for products especially advertised with design credentials, usually with input or in collaboration with some high profile (or sometimes not) designer.

For the LG SIGNATURE line, LG is pushing the idea of products that have been stripped of their features down to their "essence", whatever that may mean in the context of appliances. As to what these appliances will be, it says that the first batch will consist of a TV, a refrigerator, a washing machine, and a water purifier. Sorry, no LG SIGNATURE smartphone or tablet.

Whether these appliances themselves will be smart is something LG isn't revealing yet. But given its push towards the Internet of Things, that's definitely a possibility. LG also says that more products and device types will be added in the future, presuming the brand takes off.

The new LG SIGNATURE premium line will be announced at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, on 5th January at 8 p.m. PST. The event will be livestreamed as well. LG promises that the pilot batch will be available in North America, Europe, and Asia soon after the debut.